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A natural conversation

Wolfbot's robust conversational designer makes sure your customers are addressed the right way.

Start conversations proactively and apply conditional rules to Wolfbot’s behavior.

Apply smart jumps between questions based on the answers from your customers and assure a relevant conversation.

Be relevant to your customers

Make sure Wolfbot speaks to your customers in their native language and assure Wolfbot acts in a way they appreciate.

Select which avatars are visible when Wolfbot is having a conversation and what happens when there is no conversation happening.

Good behavior is rewarded

Good behavior is everybody’s business. Make sure that Wolfbot behaves as such.

Apply behavioral rules on when a conversation starts, whether Wolfbot continues a conversation in different browser screens and how quick the interaction has to take place.

A flawless conversation

Make Wolfbot smart and take a first step in the world of Natural Language Procession: apply conditions that Wolfbot acts upon.

You can build complicated conditions that are related to multiple-choice questions in which your customers can give multiple answers, but you can also make Wolfbot pick up words or phrases from open questions (short or long text step types).

Never jump to conclusions

Wolfbot takes the steps you want it to take. Create logical jumps between steps in the conversation to make sure Wolfbot is relevant to your customers.

Create advanced conditions to make Wolfbot even smarter and optimize your customer’s experiences.

Other channels than your website

So much room for activities. Wolfbot is able to let your customers continue their conversation on the channel they prefer.

No matter whether it’s Slack or Facebook Messenger, Wolfbot proceeds. Keep your enemies close, but keep your customers closer.